15/07/02  Posted by JustBurn
Sorry about foolsgold not giving news about PocketSMS but he is very busy with his work right now and he need to add some big stuff on PocketSMS if he find free time...

Aso, i can't contact his very often...i think that PocketSMS will be stoped for a while, until them, i be trying to talk to him about finding a free time to complete & release the new version.

31/03/02  Posted by JustBurn
Heh...look's like i was "Missing in Action"...sorry foolsgold about that ;) 

There is some snapshots of my new menu:


Old Menu (Removed now)                     New menu            

Noo...it's not Alpha Blending effect, it's just "Navy (Menu)" New pallete. I added to menu more 4 palletes...making 8 modes:

Normal / Light +PV / Dark -PV / Reverse

Navy (Menu) / Grayscale / Fire / Ice

Note: The Light/Dark can have 8 level of bright

There is some snapshots of my new palletes to be used in game:

Grayscale Pallete

Fire Pallete

Ice Pallete

Nope...sorry, but the palletes are not animated ;( , but look cool anyway, look like foolsgold liked Grayscale ;)

Now the video thing i fixed ;P :


     It was always like that.         Now, i fixed and look like this

Just notice the monitor, is hidden now...means that this version have priority over tiles/sprites...

Well...is all, now it up to foolsgold to make it public release.

Ohh...i almost forgot, pressing any key on Option Menu makes a Sound  now, like a commercial game ;)

28/03/02  Posted by foolsgold
Ok...time for a WIP. I'm still tracking a bug in the cpu core, its driving me mad. On the plus side, I finally got round to changing to the newest version of my assembler which opens up new opportunities to catch the little sod ;) Plus, the bug aside, the cpu is looking great. Also, JB has made excellent progress on the menus, i'll get him to post some shots when I can get in contact with him. Plus, he has added sprite priority to the emulator in a very clever way, which is great because I initially didn't think this would be possible given the overhead this would usually involve. The pallete effects like "fire", "ice", "greyscale" are really cool, i like playing Sonic in black and white for some reason :P

Today I'm releasing demo number 6, a "Bleem pack" type version which will only play Sonic 1, but plays it really great! You'll have to get the rom yourself, it doesn't come with it of course. Needless to say, if this is hacked to play other games...you can kiss goodbye to this emulator for good. I wanted to include the menus to show how good they are, but I haven't been able to contact JB, who has the code, but I'll see if I can update the binary when I do. Enjoy!!!
12/03/02  Posted by foolsgold

Some more stuff running on the new core that didn't before..another cool one is Super Off Road ;) Sadly still haven't tracked down the main bug, but today I did some work to improve timing accuracy in the new core. I noticed today a number of roms which should be given the one over by a rom verifier, for instance Super Tennis runs fine on the old core but it seems to have been badly dumped or something.
05/03/02  Posted by foolsgold

Finally added real time debugging, which should help track down the cause of stalls...like the one on the right :/
23/02/02  Posted by foolsgold

Well, i have been busy with a lot of other stuff lately, and frankly...got a little bored with all this asm. But now I have regained my motivation and managed to get the new core almost up on its feet. There is a massive speed increase thanks to the new design, the Sonic games for example run full speed ;) Also, i have noticed some games running which wouldn't before. However, right now theres a couple of big bugs corrupting the graphics in a lot of games which other wise run fine, and this didn't happen in the previous core. Once I find the source of this problem, things should really start moving along...
11/02/02  Posted by JustBurn
Well, i finished my injector with multi-rom support. There is some snapshots:

Add new rom to Multi-ROM menu manager

Multi-ROM menu manager popup

You can't download-it or try-it, yet!! I'm just waiting for foolsgold finish his new Z80 core...if anything come up, i will notice to everyone.

07/02/02  Posted by JustBurn
Yeah!! It's my first news post, as everyone can see, this news-title color is different. Since that foolsgold is a little busy with his new core, i'm here to say that menu system + multi-rom menu is working great and support up to 255 roms!! And about my injector...well...i'm working on it to support multi-rom. There is a snapshot of my menu (The menu may be changed on next release):


Multi-Rom menu                         Options Menu

30/01/02  Posted by foolsgold
donations page is up. the new cpu core is quite advanced now and is looking to bring great speed to all the titles which are currently slow, and with any luck, fix the cpu bugs as well :) thanks to JustBurn's work the menu system + multi-rom support is coming along nicely, so if all things go well we hope to release a new version next week some time.
26/01/02  Posted by foolsgold
a few people have asked if there is any pre-written routines for use with goldroad ARM assembler, well i have made some string priniting routines which you can find in these source

25/01/02  Posted by foolsgold
one of my favorites...
23/01/02  Posted by foolsgold
New site opened to public! thanks to Emulators Unlimited for our new hosting!
pocketSMS is still in its fairly early stages, but as you will see in the gallery, several commerical games are already playable. Future version will have higher compatibility and greater speed, plus support for multiple roms, save states and other options.
pocketSMS is not a port of any existing emulator. It has been written from scratch in ARM assembly language to specifically obtain good performance from the Gameboy Advance hardware.
In order to celebrate our new hosting, today we release demo number 5!
  • massive memory bug fixed - greatly boosts compatibility (foolsgold)
  • sound bug fixed (JustBurn)
  • sound optimised (JustBurn)
  • optimised memory banking - massive speed ups in some games (foolsgold)
  • some small cpu optimisations (foolsgold)